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II International Meeting of Teachers of Master OMT

It´s time to we meet again in Zaragoza.

Since the year 2005, when it performed the first meeting of teachers of Master OMT have passed ten years and it´s time to meet us, to analyze the current state, to see the progress made and it that remains us for walk the new challenges.

It´s time the progress and globality, understood as globality the possibility of synchronize the curricula in all of countries where Master of OMT imparts with the same methodology.

The construction of the contents of OMT must have as horizon the official professional specialization and recognized by the administration of each country. For that we must to compose a program of education that it allows to get this target.

For this, I invite us to participate at the teachers of OMT, representatives of your different countries, to discuss in Zaragoza in 15 of September to get the advance of our objectives.

Best regards,

José Miguel Tricás Moreno

Director of Master OMT

President of organizing committee of the meeting





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